AC Chemical Cleaning

AC Chemical Cleaning

Premium Chemical Aircon Servicing Remove Odor, Bacteria, and Dirt

Our chemical aircon servicing makes your aircon sparkle clean & completely sanitize. Resulting in strong and clean air for your family to breathe in. Not only that, but it also helps to prolong the lifespan of your aircon system, lowering down the electrical bill, solving water leaking issue and much more. With peace of mind, all your aircon will be handled by our trained aircon technicians. Quality service guaranteed!

Benefits of our Chemical Aircon Servicing which is carried out by our trained Air-Conditioning Technicians.

  • Air from your air-con will be stronger.
  • Breathing in cleaner air in the environment.
  • Cooling up a room will be much faster
  • Dripping of water and condensation issue will decrease significantly.
  • Electricity consumption will be lowered.

You will experience many positive changes in your aircon after the service. Air blowing out of the aircon is much stronger, fresher and cool up the whole area significantly faster. You do not need to set even lower temperature in order to cool up your room like what you normally do. Thus, greatly lowering your electrical consumption.

Your air-con is no longer needed to work that hard, its life span will be prolonged. Making your investment more worthwhile. The bad odor will also be eliminated. Your air-con will be circulating clean and fresh air in your room. This is very important because poor indoor air quality will lead to a health issue, especially for family members who have a respiratory problem. Water dripping problem will be dropped significantly because of the clean drainage tray and drainage pipeline. We highly recommend doing chemical aircon servicing with us at least once or twice a year to wash out long-time dirt and refresh your tired-out air-con. It will definitely bring many benefits to your air-conditioner and will save you money in the long run.

What does the Chemical Aircon Servicing include?

– You can expect all air-con parts such as the cover, filters, drainage tray, and blower wheel to be clean and dry.
– Chemical will be sprayed on the air-con coil fins and blower wheel. Follow by washing it with the pressure water hose.
-The drainage system will be cleared with a vacuum cleaner.
-30 Days of service warranty against water leaking due to the clog of the drainage pipe.

Premium: Completely Remove Air conditioner and wash with chemical and Re-installation with Gass Included (410) (R22).

Basic: Chemical wash indoor and outdoor unit, Extra charges for gas refilling.