AC Gas Refill

AC Gas Refill

Aircon Gas Refill

With hot seasons all day long like in Kl, Malaysia there is hard to stay indoors without air conditioning at home, office and even shopping mall. A good air conditioning system and well-maintained equipment are able to provide constant cool temperature without much hard work.

If the aircon is not cold and the level of freon gas is below the level, the cooling performance of the output will be compromised and you may experience taking too long feel the cooling compared with previous or in the worst case, you only feel the hot air from the blower.

When do you need to Top up the Aircon Gas?

If your aircon is not cold, taking too long to cool the space ( maybe the filter is dirty), noisy sound or the FCU is only blowing the indoor unit, you may need aircon technician to check the aircon gas. This is hard for us to check the aircon gas level by yourself as we need pressure gauge and equipment to test and check the gas level.

If the piping is leaked, the gas may leak and below the level too. All this can be checked and picked up by your aircon maintenance problem. It is advisable to have every 3 months for home aircon and every month for office aircon in most of the cases.

The refilling of aircon gas can be done by a technician within 2 hours of maintenance jobs. Owner of the aircon shall not leave such problem and keep running the aircon as it may harm and overload the aircon compressor where it has to run and to achieve the temperature. Without action taken over time, the thermostat and compressor will be affected and require repair too.

Regular Maintenance and Checking of Aircon Gas

With regular maintenance, the gas level issue can be easily picked up by the technician. If there is a small leak in the piping or joints it can also detected and repair immediately and avoid to pay heavy cost of replacement. For the older aircon where the gas refilling frequency of the aircon can be increased compared to the new equipment and on average in each year is acceptable mode.

Topup: We would top-up gas per unit if your aircon is not cold enough

Refill Completely: If the piping is leaked, We would trace the leakage issue and after maintenance would be refilled